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Paladin (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Retribution DPS was too low in 3.1
At the time I said that it was true. We made changes after that point, such as fixing a bug with RV and increasing the damage of Divine Storm. Ret PvE dps seems pretty close to where we want it now. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the situation, but don’t assume that if you can’t touch the dps of warriors or shamans that it is automatically our fault. Sometimes it is. Sometimes there is more individual players can do. (Source)

Possible changes for Paladin mechanics
I already stated that we want to re-design the basic combat attacks so that paladins are just using their first few GCDs to unload with big hits (that then pay for their front-loaded burst with long cooldowns, which is small consolation to a dead opponent). The Exorcism change, largely made so that paladin damage wouldn’t decline once they moved from the undead-rich Naxxramas to the undead-poor Ulduar, gave them extra damage in PvP that we didn’t feel paladins needed. (Source)

[...] We aren't deleting the files and starting over. We changed paladins pretty substantially for Lich King and by most accounts, paladin players like the changes. It doesn't surprise me at all that the details are taking some tweaking to get just right. Consider that most of the balance problems we've had were for classes that received substantial changes or were brand new classes.

We like the new Seal / Judgement system and aren't likely to mess with that. What we would like to do is take say CS, DS and Exorcism, make one of them have no cooldown, and make the others something you want to do at the right time. Here are some dumb, mostly fake examples. They all have problems and aren't very original (because I spent all of 20 sec thinking of them) but are in the right vein. We have some actual ideas but aren't ready to share them yet.

1) Your Crusader Strike stacks something on a target. Divine Storm then does more damage per stack (but consumes the stacks?).
2) Your Divine Storm has a dot component. The closer you get a Crusader Strike to the final dot, the more damage it does, but its cooldown keeps you from spamming it.
3) When someone under the effect of your Retribution Aura (or whatever) is attacked, your Divine Storm lights up and you can then make them pay for the affront.
4) Your Divine Storm has a dot component with a very short duration. However Crusader Strike has no cooldown and extends the duration by one tick. Basically you have to hit CS three or four times in a row quickly to keep the whirlwind spinning. (Source)

Warlock (3.1 Skills List / 3.1 Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Upcoming Destruction changes
We are trying to get some changes in for Destro to make up for any sustained dps loss due to the Conflag nerf. Our plan is to get these changes in soon(tm), which in this case means before 3.2. We are not going to make any promises of course. (Source)



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