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Death Knight
Death Knight DPS (232)
Death Knight DPS (245)
Death Knight DPS (258)
Death Knight Tank (232)
Death Knight Tank (245)
Death Knight Tank (258)       

Druid Heal (232)
Druid Heal (245)
Druid Heal (258)
Druid Melee (232)
Druid Melee (245)
Druid Melee (258)
Druid Spell (232)
Druid Spell (232)
Druid Spell (232)

Mage (232)
Mage (245) (*)
Mage (258)

Hunter (232)
Hunter (245)
Hunter (258)
Paladin Melee DPS (232)     
Paladin Melee DPS (245)
Paladin Melee DPS (258)
Paladin Spell (232)
Paladin Spell (245)
Paladin Spell (258)
Paladin Tank (232)
Paladin Tank (245) (*)
Paladin Tank (258)

Priest Heal (232)
Priest Heal (245)
Priest Heal (258)
Priest DPS (232)
Priest DPS (245)
Priest DPS (258)

Rogue (232)
Rogue (245)
Rogue (258)
Shaman Heal (232)
Shaman Heal (245)
Shaman Heal (258)
Shaman Melee (232)
Shaman Melee (245)
Shaman Melee (258)
Shaman Spell (232)
Shaman Spell (245)
Shaman Spell (258)

Warlock (232)
Warlock (245)
Warlock (258)

Warrior DPS (232)
Warrior DPS (245)
Warrior DPS (258)
Warrior Tank (232)
Warrior Tank (245)
Warrior Tank (258)

Badge Rewards
These items can be bought from badges dropped in Patch 3.2.

ilvl Type Slot Item
245 Cloth Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Priest Healer Helm
245 Cloth Head Helm of Clouded Sight
245 Cloth Head Hood of Fiery Aftermath
245 Cloth Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Caster DPS Helm
245 Cloth Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Caster DPS Shoulders
245 Cloth Shoulder Mantle of Catastrophic Emanation
245 Cloth Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Priest Healer Shoulders
245 Cloth Shoulder Pauldrons of Revered Mortality
245 Idols Relic Idol of Flaring Growth
245 Idols Relic Idol of Lunar Fury
245 Idols Relic Idol of Mutilation
245 Leather Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Druid Healer Helm
245 Leather Head Helm of Abundant Growth
245 Leather Head Hood of Lethal Intent
245 Leather Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Rogue Helm
245 Leather Shoulder Shoulders of the Fateful Accord
245 Leather Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Druid Healer Shoulder
245 Leather Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Rogue Shoulder
245 Leather Shoulder Duskstalker Shoulderpads
245 Librams Relic Libram of Defiance
245 Librams Relic Libram of Veracity
245 Librams Relic Libram of Valiance
245 Mail Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Shaman Healer Helm
245 Mail Head Helm of Inner Warmth
245 Mail Head Helm of the Brooding Dragon
245 Mail Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Hunter Helm
245 Mail Shoulder Mantle of the Groundbreaker
245 Mail Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Shaman Healer Shoulders
245 Mail Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Hunter Shoulders
245 Mail Shoulder Epaulets of the Devourer
245 Misc. Finger Heartmender Circle
245 Misc. Finger Band of the Invoker
245 Misc. Finger Clutch of Fortification
245 Misc. Finger Dexterous Brightstone Ring
245 Misc. Finger Bloodshed Band
245 Misc. Trinket Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Tank Trinket
245 Misc. Trinket Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Melee DPS Trinket
245 Plate Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Paladin Healer Helm
245 Plate Head Heume of the Restless Watch
245 Plate Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Plate Tank Helm
245 Plate Head Faceplate of the Honorbound
245 Plate Head Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Plate DPS Helm
245 Plate Head Helm of Thunderous Rampage
245 Plate Shoulder Pauldrons of the Cavalier
245 Plate Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Paladin Healer Shoulders
245 Plate Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Plate Tank Shoulders
245 Plate Shoulder Shoulderplates of Enduring Order
245 Plate Shoulder Pauldrons of Trembling Rage
245 Plate Shoulder Horde Coliseum 25 Badge Loot Plate DPS Shoulders
245 Sigils Relic Sigil of Virulence
245 Sigils Relic Sigil of Insolence
245 Thrown Thrown Blades of the Sable Cross
245 Thrown Thrown Crimson Arc Throwing Stars
245 Totems Relic Totem of Quaking Earth
245 Totems Relic Totem of Electrifying Wind
245 Totems Relic Totem of Calming Tides
245 Wands Ranged Brimstone Igniter

New ilvl 245 items are available for professions.

ilvl Type Slot Item
245 Plate Wrist Sunforged Bracers
245 Leather Wrist Bracers of Swift Death
245 Cloth Wrist Royal Moonshroud Bracers
245 Mail Wrist Crusader's Dragonscale Bracers
245 Mail Wrist Black Chitin Bracers
245 Mail Chest Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate
245 Leather Chest Knightbane Carapace
245 Plate Chest Breastplate of the White Knight
245 Cloth Chest Royal Moonshroud Robe
245 Mail Chest Crusader's Dragonscale Breastplate
245 Leather Chest Lunar Eclipse Chestguard
245 Leather Wrist Moonshadow Armguards
245 Cloth Wrist Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers
245 Plate Wrist Titanium Spikeguards
245 Plate Wrist Saronite Swordbreakers
245 Plate Chest Titanium Razorplate
245 Cloth Chest Merlin's Robe
245 Plate Chest Sunforged Breastplate



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